MyHi Lively Lemon THC Drink Powder

10 pack|

MyHi Lively Lemon THC Drink Powder

10 pack|

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Turn Water into Weed: Fast-Acting, Calorie & Sugar FREE. Lively Lemon 10 pack (100mg) – Beverage Enhancing Stir STIKS.

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Pack Size10 pack
Goes Great WithBring a pack to next social gathering, Enhancing your morning beverage, Happy Hour Starter
FlavorLively Lemon
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Fast-Acting Nano-emulsified THC + Energizing Caffeine derived from Green Coffee Bean Extract, all delivered in a single serve, On-The-Go Stir STIK to quickly infuse any drink for an energizing hi.

Our Lively Lemon blend provides a citrus twist to the drink of your choice with a light and fresh hint of flavor. With a quick onset that never peaks or leaves you feeling tired, MyHi is ready for your active lifestyle. It’s your new favorite party drink or go-to for a busy day.


Suggested UseSimply Pop & Pour or Peel & Stir 1 - Lively Lemon Stir STIK into 6-12oz. of your favorite beverage. Grab a 10 pack and take to your next social gathering
Nutrition FactsGreen Coffee Bean Extract, L-Theanine

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