NY Finca Fast-Acting Maracuya (Passion Fruit) Gummies

NY Finca Fast-Acting Maracuya (Passion Fruit) Gummies


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NY Finca – Maracuya (Passion Fruit) Gummies – “Cuando sea, donde sea.” Infused with thc from oil directly harvested from our finca’s plants, offering a rich passion fruit flavor. Fast-acting with nano-enhanced cannabinoids. vegan, gluten-free, and perfect for any occasion.



FlavorMaracuya (Passion Fruit)
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  • Fast-Acting
  • Nano-enhanced cannabinoids
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free


Suggested UseStart with 1/2 of a gummy. Wait 1 full hour before increasing dose.
IngredientsSugar, organic tapioca syrup, reverse osmosis water, fruit pectin, natural flavoring, mct oil, artificial food coloring, cannabis extract, citric acid, sodium citrate, terpenes

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