ADK Hemp Sherb Cake Flower


ADK Hemp Sherb Cake Flower


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Day or Night smoke with overpowering berry and cream

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CBD:THC Ratio1:20
StrainSherb Cake
Potency663mg THC
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Sherb Cake is an impressive hybrid strain by Seed Junky Genetics, notable for its unique combination of flavor and potency. Derived from a meticulous crossbreed of the flavorful Sunset Sherbet and the potent Birthday Cake, Sherb Cake promises an enticing mix of sweetness, complexity, and power. —Appearance: Sherb Cake showcases a colorful bouquet of dense, frosty buds. The nugs are medium to large and have a classic indica structure, dense and tightly-packed. A heavy frosting of creamy white trichomes gives the strain a snow-capped appearance, offset beautifully by the vivid hues of green and occasional flashes of purple. -Aroma: When it comes to aroma, Sherb Cake doesn’t hold back. The strain exudes a delightful fragrance, a complex mix of sweet berry undertones from the Sunset Sherbet parent, combined with the creamy vanilla and slight nutty aromas from the Birthday Cake lineage. Upon breaking the buds, you will get an additional burst of earthy richness, adding to its aromatic appeal. —Flavor: The taste of Sherb Cake lives up to its scent profile. It presents a rich dessert-like flavor profile, reminiscent of a sweet, baked good. Expect a rush of berry sweetness, vanilla creaminess, and a hint of earthy undertones on the exhale, making for a well-rounded and thoroughly enjoyable experience. -Effects: Sherb Cake’s high is as delightful as its flavor. It kicks off with an uplifting cerebral effect that instills happiness, creativity, and a slight boost in sociability. This mental stimulation is soon followed by a warm body buzz that can be profoundly relaxing without leading to couch-lock. Its balanced nature makes it suitable for a variety of activities, either during the day or in the evening.


StrainSherb Cake
Strain LineageSunset Sherbert, Wedding Cake
TerpenesCaryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene
Terpene FlavorsSweet, Berry, Lip-smacking cream