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Grass Roots Apollo 11 Flower


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With a direct family line up to the legendary Jack Herer, Apollo 11 is a sativa-leaning strain worthy of the interstellar name.

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StrainApolo 11
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A rich green flower with vibrant orange stigma, those qualities come second compared to the coverage of trichomes that this strain shows.

Like other Jack Herer strains, the sweet citrus aroma greets you in full force when you open the jar. After breaking apart the buds, you’ll expose even more layers of sweetness, almost leaning into a sugary candy. The flavor doesn’t seem to deviate from the aroma, leading with a beautiful citric note and leaving behind a flavor of lemon-lime sour candy for just a moment longer.

Most reported effects have been physical and mental stimulation, making this a great strain to pull out of the stash when your to-do list seems out of this world.


StrainApolo 11
Strain LineageCinderella 99, Genius
TerpenesMyrcene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene
Terpene FlavorsFresh citrus peels, lemon sour candy, simple syrup

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