Rolling Green Blue Dream Pre-Roll


Rolling Green Blue Dream Pre-Roll


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Gassy sharpness up front with a healthy dose of sedating earthiness; relaxing, with a hint of bright uplift.

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Goes Great WithRelaxation, Stress Relief
StrainBlue Dream
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This cultivar is named after a popular West Coast varietal, but our version is a bit different: instead of the head-in-the-clouds dreaminess of floral cannabis, this Blue Dream sits right on the line between gassy and earthy, with the sharpness of caryophyllene balanced out by the grounding effects of myrcene. There are some additional fruity terpenes on the back end-limonene, farnesene, and valencene-to give some bright uplift for a well-balanced, relaxing experience. The lower THC concentration makes this a good beginner varietal, although new users should be cautious of myrcene’s sedating effects; this is best enjoyed at home in the evening.

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TerpenesGassy / Earthy
Terpene FlavorsBlack Pepper, Cloves, Green Apple, Citrus