Rolling Green Planet of the Grapes Pre-Roll


Rolling Green Planet of the Grapes Pre-Roll


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An earthy heavy-hitter with some woody-floral notes. Best enjoyed at home on the couch.

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Goes Great WithMusic, Stress Relief, TV
StrainPlanet of the Grapes
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Judging by the name, you’d expect Planet of the Grapes to have a terpene profile squarely in the fruity cannabis family. The smell and the taste is all grapes-but there’s none of the citrusy limonene that characterizes fruity cannabis. Instead, the “grape” comes from a combination of myrcene’s earthy funk and the floral notes of terpinolene, ocimene, and farnesene.

A high concentration of couch-locking myrcene creates a sedating body effect, which is good for managing anxiety and pain at the end of the day. The floral terpenes are associated with a heady experience. Lower THC makes this more approachable for beginners; experienced consumers will enjoy this at home while chilling on the couch and watching a movie.


Terpene FlavorsGrapes, Applewood, Mint, Pine