Cru GMO Cookies Infused Pre-Rolls

6 pack|

Cru GMO Cookies Infused Pre-Rolls

6 pack|

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You don’t know your limits if you don’t push them.

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Pack Size6 pack
StrainGMO Cookies
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Packed with shatter infused top-shelf flower that never tests below 40% THC, Grand CRU 40’s are primed to blow away even the most experienced smoker. This limitless experience is not simply built on raw THC power alone, you’re getting the entire entourage with intense, sophisticated flavors like a glass of cognac with the buzz of grain alcohol and smooth like a martini. For the smoker who appreciates the craft behind making a next-level high that feels like the very first time, Grand CRU 40 is both the beauty and the beast.

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