Florist Farms Alien OG Live Resin Rechargeable


Florist Farms Alien OG Live Resin Rechargeable


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A true hybrid experience that combines heavy body relaxation with a psychedelic, cerebral buzz. This expertly-crafted sauce extract tastes incredible with the well-known OG flavors of pine and lemon.

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FlavorPine, lemon, earthy
StrainAlien OG
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Florist Farms’ Live Resin Sauce vapes start with 100% live fresh-frozen cannabis. The flash freezing immediately after harvest perfectly preserves the terpene profile until the flower is ready to be extracted through proprietary BHO methods. After purging the residual solvents they’re left with only the purest, tastiest Live Resin Sauce that pulls from these vapes like you’re chiefing straight from the field.

Vape comes fully charged. Requires a micro-USB cable to recharge (not included). Unit is not refillable.


EffectsEuphoric, Giggly
IngredientsCannabis Distillate, Live Resin Cannabis Extract

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