Select All-In-One Berry Gelato Briq Vape


Select All-In-One Berry Gelato Briq Vape


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Meet Briq, the new visionary of vapes from Select. Packing 2 GRAMS of our premium Essentials oils in a rechargeable all-in-one, this sleek and compact device fits easily into palms and pockets for on-the-go lifestyles.

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FlavorBerry, Floral
StrainBerry Gelato
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This Italian frozen dessert is best served in vapor form. Berry Gelato is a tasty indica that goes big on flavor and bouquet. Enjoy a fruity blueberry aroma accented by spicy flowers and sugary fruit. Just a puff will fill your palette with sweeter flavor as a blueberry candy expands into a flowery lavender exhale.

Want to self-serve an indulgent indica? Berry Gelato is the strain for you.


Terpene FlavorsBerry, floral

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