The Green Lady All-In-One Grape Cream Cake Vape


The Green Lady All-In-One Grape Cream Cake Vape


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Immerse yourself in the the opulence of Purple Grape meets the crisp, tangy zest of pome fruit, all smoothed over with a decadent layer of Vanilla Icing. Each breath offers profound relaxation and a playful escape into serenity, making every draw a step into blissful tranquility.

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Goes Great WithMovies, Relaxing, Restful Sleep
FlavorGrape, cream and vanilla
StrainGrape Cream Cake
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Embrace the serene power of an Indica that softly steers you into a state of blissful calm. Its terpene-rich profile nurtures a gentle relaxation, easing the mind and soothing the body. Ideal for moments of introspection or peaceful evenings, this strain lulls you into a sweet, serene state, where relaxation flows as effortlessly as water, and every tension melts away into a purple haze of comfort.

Experience unparalleled vaping with The Green Lady All-In-One, where advanced technology meets unmatched flavor. Our disposable vape pen is crafted with No-Burn Technology for consistent, smooth vapor every time. At its heart, a ceramic core with a unique pattern ensures even oil absorption and vaporization, preserving the integrity of flavor without the risk of burning. What sets our vape apart is the Power-wave technology, delivering stable temperatures and full-bodied flavor through every puff — from the first draw to the last. The sleek design includes a Vortex mouthpiece for effortless, satisfying hits and a convenient window to monitor oil levels. This vape supports easy and fast charging with a USB-C port.

Established in 2018 by a woman-led, black-owned family from New York, the Green Lady blossomed on Nantucket island. Our passion for cannabis, excellence and dedication to premium craftsmanship have made us a beloved fixture among both island locals and visitors. As a testament to our commitment, we’ve been honored as a multi-award-winning company, earning accolades for innovation, diversity, and overall excellence. Synonymous with exceptional quality, the Green Lady has grown beyond the island’s shores, extending our reach to the greater Boston area. It’s with immense pride that we now offer our signature products to our fellow New York residents.