Heavy Hitters NY Sour Diesel Pod Vape


Heavy Hitters NY Sour Diesel Pod Vape


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An east coast legend, New York Sour Diesel is a powerhouse Sativa with bright notes of grapefruit and lime over a classic sativa flavor profile. The high of NYSD offers upbeat and motivating effects accompanied by a sense of happy calmness.

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StrainNY Sour Diesel
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Tuned specifically for our purpose-built vape system, Heavy Pods deliver the truest expression of our oils, offering unrivaled performance and effect. Custom designed and constructed from top-of-the-line materials Heavy Pods represent the next generation of vape cartridges. The enhanced flavor, potency and draw create a truly elevated cannabis experience.


Heavy Pod Features:

  • Low Discharge Velocity Mouthpiece: A conical discharge geometry ensures that the vape exits with lower velocity, providing a smoother experience without throat harshness.
  • Proprietary Ceramic Coil: Heavy Pods feature a custom coil developed specifically for this device, tuned to provide the best possible flavor and experience for each oil type.
  • Strain ID Band: Each pod’s strain name and color-coded phenotype are contained on an attached strain band for easy identification.
  • Ultra-Strong Magnetic Connection: Allows a quick change between pods without the risk of damaged threads.


StrainNY Sour Diesel
Strain LineageAfghani Landrace, Mexican Landrace
Terpene FlavorsCitrus, Spicy, Sweet

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