Blotter Tahoe OG Live Resin Vape Cartridge


Blotter Tahoe OG Live Resin Vape Cartridge


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The perfect nighttime strain for when it’s time to check out. Massive body relaxation, mellow headspace, and sleepiness come on smooth but fast. The well-known pine and citrus OG flavor and effects really shine with this Liquid Live Resin extract.

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510 Threaded

THC Range


StyleLiquid Live Resin
Goes Great WithA Fluffy Pillow, Jaccouzi time, Nap Time
StrainTahoe OG
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Blotter’s Liquid Live Resin concentrates are made from flash freezing the freshest harvested flowers straight from the field. Through a process of hydrocarbon extractions and pressure, every bit of the juiciest terps and cannabinoids are squeezed out, leaving you with the finest-tasting, hardest hitting extract on the market. You don’t wanna miss this one.


StrainTahoe OG
Strain LineageOG Kush Phenotype

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