Florist Farms Motorbreath Blend HTE Disposable Vape


Florist Farms Motorbreath Blend HTE Disposable Vape


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A great strain for relaxing the body after a busy day. Named for the intense taste of gas, earth, and citrus, this strain provides a clear-headed high while putting the body to ease. The flavor and effects are straight-forward and true to strain in this live resin sauce extract.

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Goes Great WithEuphoric, Relaxing
FlavorGas, Earthy, Citrus
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Florist Farms’ Live Resin Sauce vapes start with 100% live fresh-frozen cannabis. The flash freezing immediately after harvest perfectly preserves the terpene profile until the flower is ready to be extracted through proprietary BHO methods. After purging the residual solvents they’re left with only the purest, tastiest Live Resin Sauce that pulls from these vapes like you’re chiefing straight from the field.

The iSpire hardware is slim to discreetly fit in your pocket or purse, pre-charged, and ready to roll. The heavy, high-quality material feels good in your hand and produces a smooth, full hit that lasts. Requires a micro-USB cable to recharge (not included). Don’t forget to take the sticker off the bottom to operate.

Florist Farms is a New York brand made by and for New Yorkers. Our farm in Cortland, NY is where we grow and manufacture all of our own products with decades of organic farming experience.


EffectsEuphoric, Relaxing
Strain LineageChemdog, SFV OG Kush
Terpene FlavorsDiesel, Citrus, Pepper

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