Heavy Hitters Blue Dream Disposable Vape


Heavy Hitters Blue Dream Disposable Vape


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Heavy Hitters’ Blue Dream is a classic sativa with flavors of sweet blueberry, earthy pine and a floral finish. This strain offers a soaring cerebral effect followed by a calming full-body high that won’t rob you of your motivation.

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StrainBlue Dream
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Heavy Hitters Ultra Extract represents the pinnacle of cannabis purity. Combining premier input material and uncompromising quality control, Heavy Hitters benchmark oil delivers an ultra pure, perfectly crafted cannabis experience.

Ultra Extract is sourced from New York’s top-tier whole flower. The result is a clear, smooth, and potent oil with exceptional taste. Each cartridge is subjected to multiple independent quality checks ensuring a best-in-class vape experience. Ultra Extract is crafted with 100% cannabis-native terpenes and contains up to 95% THC.


StrainBlue Dream
Strain LineageBlueberry, Haze
Terpene FlavorsBlueberry, Sweet, Pine

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