Rove Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Reload Vape


Rove Maui Waui Live Resin Diamond Reload Vape


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Take a trip to a tropical paradise with this vibey strain. Originally bred in Hawaii, Maui Waui is a quiet island of bliss. Notes of pineapple and banana add some fruity lightness to this profile.

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FlavorBanana, Pineapple, Tropical
StrainMaui Waui
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Rove live resin diamonds, extracted from fresh frozen flowers, use a gradual separation process creating large faceted diamond-like crystals. The 99%+ potency diamond crystals are then liquefied, producing the highest potency vaporizers on the market.

User Guide

Melted Diamonds

Wonder how we cram those ultra potent diamonds into your cartridge? We slowly melt them, turning 99% THCA crystals into liquid diamond resin.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Melt

Changing Voltage Settings

To cycle between low & high voltage disconnect and reconnect the cartridge 3 times. A blue light = low voltage mode = colder atomizer temperature. A white light = high voltage mode = hotter atomizer temperature.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Voltage

Pre-Heat Mode

To enter Pre-Heat mode disconnect and reconnect the cartridge 2 times. The light should turn green when in Pre-Heat mode. Pre-Heat mode will stay on for 5 seconds and turn off automatically.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Pre Heat Mode

Draw limiter

This device is equipped with an 8 second draw limiter. After 8 seconds of continuous inhalation the light will blink and the device will shut off automatically.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Draw Limiter

Low Battery

If the light turns red during inhalation, the device has less than 10% battery left. Please charge the battery as soon as possible.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Low Battery

Charging with Cable

To charge with a cable, use the included usb cable that can be found in the box under the left flap. A glowing red light indicates the device is charging.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Charging With Cable

Strain Label

Identify the strain of your cartridge easier by removing the integrated pod label on the back of your box and applying it to your pod.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Strain Label

Reduce. Reload. Reuse

Re-using batteries is one of the best ways to help protect our planet and reduce hazardous waste in landfills. Rove donates a portion of its proceeds to environmentally focused causes & charities.
Rove Diamond Usage Guide Go Green